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These are books that are in process. Stay tuned! 
Book Two in the Impossible Grace series
ISBN-13: 978-1947048515,   ISBN-10: 1947048511

Katie Prentice has seen more than her fair share of grief. Though life has left its scars, her strong faith has seen her through. A strong, fiercely independent, Southern woman, fear is not typically part of Katie’s vocabulary. But when the new doctor in town captures her attention, that may no longer be the case. Changes are coming for Katie that will require her to open her heart and take risks. Risks that might leave her hurting again.


Dr. Jackson Sinclair is the newest addition to the All Saints Children’s Hospital. Desiring a settled life, and hopefully a family, Jackson is thrilled when he meets Katie. She is exactly the kind of woman he’s been looking for, even if she has walls that could rival those of Jericho. Persistence has always been his friend. But will failures in his past threaten to undo his dreams, and ruin any chance he has for lasting happiness? Only Katie can answer that.


Will Katie be able to trust God’s plan? Or will the walls she’s built obscure the blessings God has for her?


Turning Creek
Boone Cash is an outlaw biker on the run. The years and miles have taken their toll and left Boone longing for 'home'. When the road takes a pause in Turning Creek, he meets Charlotte (Charlie) Reece - the firey tempered redheaded daughter of the local pastor. His attempts to flirt with her are met with strong rebuff, serving only to encourage him 
But secrets in this small town are more prevalent than the stalks of corn that line the two lane highway running through it. Will their exposure be a relief or bring about deadly consequences?


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