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Updated: May 16, 2019

It’s Finally Friday!! This week I’ve been thinking about why I write, and why I write Christian romance.

The Bible says that God spoke the universe(s) into being! What an astoundingly creative thing words are!

Being a reflection of the One who created me, I too create my own little word when I write. Thankfully, it only exists inside my brain! Well, and now on paper with my book! But just as God desired His creation to bless His children, I want the stories I tell to be a blessing to my readers. My hope is that when you read my book(s) you will be entertained, yes, but also inspired. I hope you can laugh with my characters and cry with them too. I hope you see a little bit of yourself in them. There’s no doubt you will see some of me (blushing).

The greatest love letter ever written is the Bible, so more than anything, I hope that when you read my book(s), you get a glimpse of the goodness, forgiveness, redemption, and great love God has for you!

Y’all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you back here next Friday!

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