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I’ve not counted the months, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on this so called ‘blog’ of mine. Not sure that I ever intended it to be an actual blog or just a place to lay out my thoughts about things surrounding life and writing. But it was always designed as a place for me to communicate with readers. Unfortunately, life, death, and forgetfulness got in the way.

Often, I feel like the consummate ‘beginner’. Surely someone out there can identify with this struggle! (Seriously, the number of diet plans on the market are sheer testimony to the percentages being in my favor on that one.)

Oh, the joys of the common, mundane do-overs. I’m very familiar with those. How many times have I started said diet; a workout plan; daily Bible study; meal planning; a laundry schedule; learning a new language, and countless other things? Many of these beginnings have fallen into the “I can only do the best I can” file of what I’ll call semi-failures. Others have held on by wisps no greater than the silk of a spider.

But there’s GOOD NEWS! Each and every sunrise is an opportunity for an epic DO OVER!

There is nothing in life for which I don’t fully depend upon God’s grace and mercy. Why not this? If He counts the number of hairs on my head (a daunting job considering how much I lose in the shower alone), then God cares about my writing AND my readers.

So, how do you feel about starting over? I hope you’re a fan, because I’m going for a do over! And I hope you come along with me!

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