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Life Begins With Coffee

I'll admit it.... I have problem. An addiction really.

I've tried to give it up, cut down, find an alternative, and as far as I know there is no twelve step program for my problem. Believe me, I've looked.

On the bright side (?) In the process of all of the aforementioned nonsense, I discovered that it would be detrimental for me (or anyone in my vicinity) to turn my back on my morning coffee.

Every morning is the same, like a sacred ritual. After the morning's 'blanket victory', I brush my teeth, manage to put my tangled mess of curls into something resembling hair. By then, it's safe to traverse the stairs and scuffle into the kitchen, where, with any luck, a pot of hot, rich, liquid magic is waiting for me.

Before I speak to anyone except my dogs (who love me even before I brush my teeth), I pour my first cup into a mug, relishing the sweet, enticing fragrance.

The first sip is just a tease. My brain has not fired off enough neurons to appreciate the subtle nuances. No, the second is actually my favorite of the day. My eyes are more than slits, and the dimmer switch on the grey matter is raised enough to recall my name.

I find "my spot" on the sofa, read my daily devotional, scroll through Facebook, all the while slowly drinking in the black nectar of life.

There was a time that I tried delving into what made a truly exceptional cup of coffee. But I only touched the surface. Though it was a long term pursuit, it became increasingly difficult to complete. I mean, don't you have to travel to Turkey to get true Turkish coffee? Anywhoo..... the take away is this, I know that the best coffee depends on a few things - good water, good beans, and proper roasting of same. After that, I would argue that how you prepare it is strictly a matter of preference.

I feel sorry for those of the population that have not developed a taste for coffee, the same way I feel pity for those who have the misfortune to have that gene that makes cilantro taste like soap. Now if you're in the non-coffee-loving-camp, I promise that I will not push my addiction off on you, if you promise not to push the plethora of alternatives on me. With all due respect, green tea, green smoothies, energy drinks, even a controlled substance, will never be a proper substitute for my morning coffee.

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