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There is a monster that lives under my desk. Unlike Rhianna, I am not friends with this one. LOL Most of the time, I ignore his insistent hostilities. However, on occasion, this monster will catch me at just the right moment. He whispers things that bring disquiet to my spirit.

“You have no skill. Why are you doing this?”

And I listen.

“People laugh at you. They think your stories are stupid.”

And I start to believe him.

With each accusation I affirm, his voice is emboldened and my heart shrinks. I begin speaking the terrible slander back to myself, and the white flag of surrender that resides in my back pocket grows heavy.

Yet, without fail, another voice, sweet and small, speaks words of peace to my weary soul.

“You are not alone. I am with you.”

And my heart beats stronger.

The gremlin cowers in fear.

“Your desire to honor me brings me pleasure.”

And my back straightens, my smile returns.

The gremlin scurries back into his cave.

I remember why I write. I remember my audience. Only One ultimately needs to be pleased. My hands resume their place at the keyboard as His reassurance washes over me.

Keep creating, friends!! The gremlin loses!

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