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Roller-coasters - and other things that get your heart going.

I don’t know about y’all, but I am not a fan of roller coasters. I can’t see what lays around the corner. And the tediously slow click-clack, click-clack up the big hill is enough for my heart to give out altogether! Yeah, I’m kind of a wuss. Shoot! I even got sick on the stupid tea cup ride at Disney World! Go ahead and laugh. I do! I’ll wait….

In the next several days, click-clack, click-clack

​​I will be receiving developmental edits for Hidden Thorns. I’ve laughed with friends saying that I fully expect my manuscript to come back looking as if someone has bled all over it.

click-clack, click-clack

It will be the first time someone else (who is not a personal friend) will be critical of my characters.

click-clack, click-clack, Augh!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am THRILLED to be on this particular ride! I am going to be officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!! That’s insane!

I’m thankful that there has been some time pass since Lil’s inception. I’ve stayed out of her world since her story went under contract, in hopes that I’ll be able to look at her story with more critical eyes. With each suggestion from my editors, I’ll get to see her from someone else’s perspective. And as any writer will tell you, that is invaluable insight.

In the waiting, I’ve been working on Katie’s story (y’all will get to know Katie in Hidden Thorns.) She’s had a great deal of life experience - some of which, I would personally not want to endure. But as life tends to do, those experiences have made her who she is. She is strong, independent, confident, sassy, very very southern, and very close to my heart. I know y’all are going to love getting to know her better and find out what surprises await her. Hey, even I don’t know what all awaits her!

All I can tell you now, is that love reenters Katie Prentice’s life in a big way. Not sure she’s ready for it - kind of like me and the top of that hill! But life marches forward.

So get ready! Hands up y’all! Here we go!!

PS: I’m so glad y’all are taking this ride with me!

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