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Sacred Brevity

This week I’m not posting about writing. No, this post is personal.

For many of us, these past weeks have been filled with change.

Facebook was packed with pictures of graduations. So many of the young people that I mentored when they were in middle school are now headed to college. Several friends have obtained degrees in higher education. Some have added a new member to their families – by birth or marriage. And others have experienced great loss as their loved ones have completed their journeys in this life.

Just before Mother’s Day, a very dear friend of mine experienced the unexpected loss of her son. Losing a child is an incomprehensible pain under any circumstance. Yet, this was the second time my friend had to endure this agony. Our hearts are crushed for her.

The breadth of life – it’s exciting, challenging, scary, thrilling, exhausting, overwhelming, and extraordinarily precious. Not one moment of it is common. Every second is sacred. And none of it is promised.

My friend’s loss has thrown the brevity of this beautiful gift of life into focus. I don’t know about you, but far too often, I take ordinary moments for granted. Yet ordinary moments are what constitutes most of this journey.

So, I pray that I – that we – begin to see each ordinary, simple moment, along with the extraordinary ones, as sacred. Because those moments are holy. They come around only once.

Peace and Blessing to you ~ Melissa

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