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Turn, Turn, Turn

As I approach the half-century mark, I look back over the long winding road that has been my journey up until now. Immediately, The Byrds song ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ plays in my head. The lyrics were taken almost verbatim from the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, which God in His infinite wisdom chose to inscribe for all time as a beautiful reminder.

My four wonderful gifts from God. Sean, Kaleigh, Robert, and Sarah

I have had what most would deem a 'normal' life. As a youngster, most of the change I encountered was mundane - learning new things, moving up a grade in school, growing taller. As I matured, I began to feel the weight of change. It increases with each passing year.

Many of these changes were very happy ones. The births of my children come to mind. They were all spectacular, yet weighty events in my journey.

These amazing humans have been placed in my life and I am privileged to walk alongside them through their journeys. And with that privilege comes responsibility to them, to God, and to the world, to raise them well.

Some changes have been more challenging, yet very positive in nature. Like when we picked up our very young family and moved two states away. It was an adventure to be certain. Still, I would not trade that experience. It drew us together as a family unit, and enriched our lives with lifelong relationships and priceless experiences.


And of course, with any life, there were changes that pierced my heart through and through. The loss of my mother was the most recent. Yet, the joy of having had such an amazing woman to escort me through my life was invaluable.

My incredible mama. I miss her so.

And now, my life has taken a new twist! I will be ushering in this new half-century as a published author! It’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve gained new relationships, learned (and continue to learn) new things, and discovered more about the person God created me to be. I hope I honor Him in it all. That’s my highest goal. But I also hope to do what all artists intend - to transcend the distance between souls and make a connection.

As this big blue ball that we live on continues to spin, may the changes and seasons of your life ultimately, by the grace of God, bring you deep joy and satisfaction.

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