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Uniquely Created

Last week I was privileged to attend the Proverbs 31 Ministries “She Speaks” conference for writers and speakers. All I can say is that it was amazing! Thank you all for your prayers for me and my friend Bonnie. It was a great adventure. We used the Uber app for the first time. What a wonderful thing. We met tons of new people. Some felt like old friends upon our introduction. It was beautiful.

If you’ve never been to an event like this, the amount of information you receive over a few days is overwhelming. It takes time to process through it. I’m still looking through my handouts and notes. And I have recordings of most of the sessions because inevitably, you miss stuff the first time around. 😊

However, my greatest take-away was this:

God made you unlike anyone else. Be you!

We don’t need to look like anyone else, talk like anyone else, act like anyone else. Our stories and experiences are uniquely ours and the world needs to hear them. No one else can do what YOU can do! Your sphere of influence is different. Your reach will be different. You are unique! So often we compare our lives to others, and it robs us of joy. God is infinitely creative. He made you especially for the purposes He has planned for you. So, go with confidence knowing that you have a gift to give to your world that only you can deliver.

I figure if I needed to hear that, someone else needs to hear it too. I pray that this truth sinks deeply into our hearts.

Until next week,

Peace and Blessings!

~ Melissa

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